Planetary gear motor

Planetary Gear Motor
Planetary Motors Intro, Planetary Gear Reducer, Planetary Gearbox
Planetary gear motor (planetary geared motor) can be a combination by planetary type gearbox and a DC motor with the top features of swiftness reduction, high tranny efficiency, smooth power output and high torque. The planetary gearbox is a planetary equipment, a sun gear and an outer band gear deceleration, this structure has the functions of shunting, deceleration and multi-tooth meshing to improve the output torque, better adaptability and work efficiency.

Ever-power planetary gearbox of planetary gear motors is open to customize by various application requirements, for example, Vending machine, Cleaning robot, Coffee maker, Massage equipment, Automatic shutter, Coin exchange machine, Currency machine, Claw machine, Pinball, Medical tools, Automatic mah-jongg desk, Adjustable lift desk, Airsoft guns, Automatic curtain, Printer, Sensible door lock, fitness equipment, Instrument, and Appliance.
Ever-power planetary electric motor series with the high load, better adaptability, high durability, etc. strong advantages. We insist the 【 TOP QUALITY 】 and 【 POWERFUL 】 in all products, every production procedure in HSINEN is certainly verified by ISO 9001 and SGS also we have CCC, CE, ROHS, UL qualification in our various items, that meets the safety specifications of overseas America, Canada, and europe.

◆ We also could style various rate, Torque parameters & dynamic features for you if your requirements aren’t on the next test list.
◎ Speed (RPM)
◎ Torque
◎ Permanent magnet
◎ Voltage
◎ Shaft
◎ Gearbox / Gear Reducer
◎ Outer diameter (OD)
◎ Horsepower (HP)

The Ever-power IG52 motors certainly are a revolution in the DC engine 24V 100W category. These industrial grade DC motor will be the workhorse for high load continuous use 24V DC motor commercial applications. The Ever-power IG52 motors have the next amazing features –
· Higher Torque to Volume ratio than any comparative engine in the category.
· Silent Operation in comparison with other make gear package motor.
· Very low simply no load current because of high precision gear container.
· High basic safety margin of at least 1.5 times the peak wattage rating.
· Suitable for continuous make use of in industrial applications
· Shaft provided with keyway slot and key for positive coupling applications.
· Alloy metal Shaft of 12mm provides a durable and durable output.
The Ever-power 750 rpm IG52 motor includes a rated torque of 10kgcm and a stall torque of 30kgcm. So the motor can be used uptill 30kgcm, however the motor shouldn’t heat up beyond 45 to 50 level centigrade. The base motor of the Ever-power IG52 motor is high quality industrial quality 100W 2810 rpm motor which alongwith the sturdy all metal planetary gear box provides the 750 rpm at the output shaft.