Screw Jack

Screw Jack
A jackscrew, or screw jack, is a type of jack that is operated by turning a leadscrew. It is frequently used to lift moderately heavy weights, such as vehicles; to improve and lower the horizontal stabilizers of aircraft; and as adjustable supports for heavy loads, such as the foundations of houses.
A screw jack contains a heavy-duty vertical screw with a load table mounted upon its top, which screws into a threaded hole in a stationary support frame with a wide bottom resting on the ground. A rotating collar on the top of the screw has holes into that your handle, a metallic bar, fits. When the handle is switched clockwise, the screw techniques further from the base, lifting the load resting on the strain table. To be able to support huge load forces, the screw usually has either square threads or buttress threads.
An advantage of jackscrews over various other types of jack is they are self-locking, which means when the rotational force on the screw is removed, it’ll remain motionless where it had been left and will not rotate backwards, it doesn’t matter how much load it is helping. This makes them inherently safer than hydraulic jacks, for instance, that may move backwards under load if the push on the hydraulic actuator is definitely accidentally released.
Worm Screw Jack or screw lift lifts trusted in machine building, metallurgy, construction, irrigation tools and additional industries, is starting up, and dropped through add-ons advance, overturned and placement adjustment and other functions at various altitudes. SWL is definitely a worm screw-lift crane parts foundation with compact framework, small size and light weight. Sources extensive, no sound, easy installation, the usage of flexible, multi-function, supporting forms, high reliability, extended life and many other advantages. Can be one or in combination, can be controlled accurately relative to certain procedures to improve or promote the adjustment of elevation Engine power can be utilized directly or can also be manually operated. It’s a type of structure and assembly, and the height could be customized user requirements
Screw jack is used in applications where linear movement is required. Lifting of any load, pushing or pulling of mechanical apparatus, adjusting of limited clearances of mechanical parts can be carried out by screw jacks. Mechanical capacity of screw jacks is certainly between 5kN and 2000kN. Jack screws can be utilized as linear motors, linear actuators, or mechanical lifts depending on type of motion.
How Screw Jacks Function ?
Main components of screw jacks are; trapezoidal lifting screw, worm screw, worm equipment and gear casing. Worm screw is rotated manually or by engine. Worm gear can be rotated by worm screw. The lifting screw moves through the rotating worm equipment. The linear motion speed of lifting screw depends upon thread size and rotation ratio of worm gears.
In some models of jack screws, The lifting screw does not move up and down. It just rotates around its axis. A lifting nut (also known as travelling nut) moves along the screw. The lifting nut of jack screw is made of bronze to decrease friction.
crew Jack Applications
Paper, press, printing industry
Gypsum factories
Sheet metal forming machinery
Mechanical lifting applications
Platform lifting applications
Food processing machinery
Construction sector
Bridge jacks for street and bridge lifting
Starting and closing of penstocks
Industrial process
Roll form machinery
Mining industry
Defense industry
Lift tables
Stage setup applications

Mechanical screw jacks could be operated by manually or by electric motor. Several screw jacks can be connected together to go simultaneously.
Mechanical Lifting and Pulling Screw Jacks These versions are used instead of hydraulic jacks where pushing and pulling is definitely neeed between heavy parts espacially in commercial building construction works, commercial machinery installations, bridge constructions.

Mechanical Lifting Screw Jack
Screw Jack
Materials Available
Stainless/Steel/Metal/Brass/Bronze/Iron/ Aluminum
OEM according to your request