2020 Reliable Quality OEM Hydraulic Hose Crimper for Rubber Machinery

2020 Reliable Quality OEM Hydraulic Hose Crimper for Rubber Machinery

Item description:

Model JCPT CNC hose crimping machine has equipped with pc numerical control program, quickly crimp and excellent good quality. This device characteristics high crimp accuracy, large drive, reduced sound and effortless to run. It tends to make the mould foundation division to be much more even through the double inclined airplane eight-flap mould seat outfitted with a high accuracy guiding system. JCPT CNC hose crimping machine is mainly used for crimping processing for higher pressure hydraulic hose assembly in the mechanical engineering. It can also be utilized for crimping metal pipes, specially huge pipes and irregular form pipes.This equipment attributes tiny and moveable look, massive force, minimal sounds and simple to work. The buckling volume can be exact modified through a scale. It can make the mould foundation division to be far more even by way of the double inclined aircraft 8-flap mould seat geared up with a high accuracy guiding device.

Installation and Procedure
one. Insert sufficiently 70 liters of Great Wall model 46# anti-abrasion hydraulic oil. If the space temperature is lower than 10ºC, ten% transformer oil is want to incorporate.
Hook up the electric powered supply nicely as for each the device needs, to make the path of the motor rotation to be constant with the rotation course marking, and grounding safety shall be carried out.
2. Regulating the scale
The scale is used for regulating the quantity of the buckling. When it is controlled clockwise, the buckling volume will lessen, when it is controlled anticlockwise, the buckling sum will improve. The scale is connected collectively with oil cylinder stop include by way of three socket head screws and three springs on the scale base. When using a hand to pull the scale (vertical to the oil cylinder finish protect direction), the scale can flexibly depart from the oil cylinder end include. When releasing the scale, the scale will be recovered JCPTing on spring drive. Prior to the machine is turned on, examine very carefully if the scale telescoping is flexible and if the lead relationship is trustworthy.
three. The primary scale is turned within line of the secondary scale, flip the device on for take a look at operate, and observe if all steps are standard. If when the piston conducts reciprocating motion, there is a crawling phenomenon, the bleed screw on the oil cylinder top shall be unscrewed for exhausting air.
4. Stress regulation
The buckling force and opening mould pressure will be controlled via two knobs at the back again of the oil cylinder (see determine), when it is controlled clockwise, the force will improve, when it is controlled anticlockwise, the stress will lessen (The strain has presently been properly regulated when ex-factory).
5. Operation 
Dependent on the measurement of the rubber hose to be buckled, decide on suited mould as per the complex parameter reference table of the locking pipe and mount it on the mould base. Controlled nicely the scale place as per the info in the data in the desk, the pipe locking can be completed. After pipe locking, use a vernier caliper to mease the outside the house diameter dimension of the pipe sleeve right after buckling to see if it satisfies the reference desk information of the parameter. If it does not meet up with the info, the scale shall be exactly controlled until finally it fulfills the requirements. Since the manufactures of the pipe sleeve are distinct, so, specific dimension, substance, hardness etc are definitely not the same. These variables would end result diverse influences on the pipe locking outcome, consequently, the knowledge in the desk is only for reference, the detailed knowledge take the strain take a look at as the basis.


  1. When buckling, make the joint to track down the mould centre as significantly as feasible, the joint is not buckled on the hex nut.
  2. Avert instrument and other overseas make a difference from getting into the locking head.
  3. Right after the operate is finished for each time, the 8-block mould base have to be manufactured to increase to the greatest extent, this can make the spring to be at extension position. If not, the spring will be injury.
  4. When operating, the hand must not extend into the locking head.
  5. The electrical power provide should be switched off when upkeep is done.

Routine maintenance

  1. We will provide a assure to hold the device in excellent repair in three several years from the working day when the equipment is bought. All fitting problems will be free of charge of cost repaired (or replaced if essential) for the duration of the ensure period of time. The hurt resulted from incorrect use o accident harm does not belong to free of demand mend selection.
  2. The hydraulic oil in the oil tank should be usually checked, if oil volume is identified to be insufficient, the oil shall be well timed supplemented. If the oil liquid is polluted, it shall be filtered or changed.
    The locking head shall keep inside cleanliness. Steer clear of the foreign issues in the course of processing to enter into the locking head oil cylinder by way of the mould to affect the normal use. Wipe out the international matters, which are brought by the mould body in time when buckling the joint.
    Frequently fill appropriate grease into the mould physique for lubrication.

We will offer a assure to hold the device in excellent restore within three many years from the working day when the machine is purchased. All fitting difficulties will be cost-free of charge fixed (or replaced if needed) during the guarantee interval. The hurt resulted from improper use o accident damage does not belong to free of charge of demand repair range.


Difficulty phenomena Problems cause Getting rid of strategy
Machine has not motion Oil tank has not been stuffed with oil Fill oil as per necessity
Motor rotation course is not proper Control two period lines
Electric powered problems Overhaul electric circuits
Scale is damaged The scale is fastened on the oil cylinder stop experience by the screw Regulate the scale as for every the instruction to make scale to telescope freely
Conductor at scale spot is connected with scale Anew link the scale conductor to make it to be insulated from scale base
Electrical difficulty Overhaul electric powered circuits and electric powered components
Scale conductor cutting Anew join scale
Method pressure is excessively low Change buckling pressure-regulating valve
No buckling The valve core of solenoid reversal valve is seizured by foreign matters Dismount solenoid reversal valve, use gasoline to clear the valve main.
Electric powered difficulty Overhaul electric powered circuits
Mould is not opened Opening mould stress is excessively reduced Change opening mould stress regulating valve
Electric problems Overhaul electric circuits
Massive sounds Set up is not secure Carry out horizontal secure set up
JCPT oil is excessively soiled Filter or adjust it
Filter is blocked Use gasoline to clear the filter
Mould base crawls Gasoline in the hydraulic oil has not bee fatigued totally Ideal unscrew the bleed screw, make the piston in the oil cylinder to shift again to last place to exhaust gasoline, then screw down bleed screw.
Lubrication is bad Smear grease on the operating inclined face of mould foundation
Oil leakage Joint is not tightened closely Tighten the oil pipe joint
Sealing washer is damaged. Substitute sealing washer.

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Guarantee:Our manufacturing unit hose crimping device offer three a long time warranty from date of buying.

2020 Reliable Quality OEM Hydraulic Hose Crimper for Rubber Machinery