APP Lock

APP Lock


one. Hidden touch display screen button, hassle-free,trend and water-proof.         

2. Unlock way:

   1) code(six~12 digits password)

   2) app

   3)Mechanical essential in emergency.

three.Resilient substance and protected building: 304 stainless steel material faceplate and mortise lock

four.Humility style, lower voltage alarm and crisis external power connector.            

five. 30 groups of master code, 67 groups of fingerprint customers

6. Five latch moritse, appropriate for wooden door or anti-theft door            

seven.Modern day lever handle style          

8.Well-known finishes in Black, silver, gold, red...etc

9.Consider failure, avoid unlawful try

10.Lower battery warn, when battery voltage is underneath 4.8V, the lock will alert

eleven.External Mciro-USB power interface

twelve.4 x AA Alkaline Battery.  

thirteen. FCCCEROHS certificated.

Application LOCK


APP Lock