Cycloidal gearbox

Able to handle larger “shock” loads (>500%) of rating compared to worm, helical, etc.
High reduction ratios and torque density in a compact dimensional footprint
Exceptional “built-in” overhung load carrying capability
High efficiency (>95%) per reduction stage
Minimal reflected inertia to engine for longer service life
Just ridiculously rugged as all get-out
The entire EP design proves to be extremely durable, and it needs minimal maintenance following installation. The EP is the most reliable reducer in the commercial marketplace, and it is a perfect fit for applications in weighty industry such as for example oil & gas, major and secondary steel processing, commercial food production, metal trimming and forming machinery, wastewater treatment, extrusion gear, among others.

Cycloidal Cycloidal gearbox advantages over other styles of gearing;

The EP 3000 and our related products that utilize cycloidal gearing technology deliver the most robust solution in the most compact footprint. The main power train is made up of an eccentric roller bearing that drives a wheel around a couple of inner pins, keeping the reduction high and the rotational inertia low. The wheel incorporates a curved tooth profile rather than the more traditional involute tooth profile, which gets rid of shear forces at any stage of contact. This style introduces compression forces, instead of those shear forces that would can be found with an involute equipment mesh. That provides numerous efficiency benefits such as high shock load capability (>500% of rating), minimal friction and wear, lower mechanical service factors, among numerous others. The cycloidal design also has a large output shaft bearing span, which provides exceptional overhung load features without requiring any additional expensive components.

Torque magnification. Gearboxes offer mechanical advantage by not only decreasing swiftness but also increasing result torque.