Deep Freezer Room with Cam Lock PU Panel

Deep Freezer Room with Cam Lock PU Panel

Deep Freezer Area with Cam Lock PU Panel

Deep freezer place with cam lock PU panel is a chamber with adjusted temperature, if you keep meat and seafoods,temperature will be around -20 degrees celsius. With freezer space, fruit and greens can be held clean for long time. 

PU panel

Our mould can make 50mm , 75mm , 100mm , 120mm, 150mm , 200mm thickness panel.  

For freezer cold place , we suggest using 120mm or 150mm thickness . For great rooms, we recommend employing 100mm.

PU panel sandwich use PU higher pressure foaming. Taking metallic components like color metal sheet, stainless steel
plate or some other components as area .

Typically polyurethane refrigeratory are merged refrigeratory , assembled by polyurethane panels , it can be
assembled in various width and peak . We have panels width just take 960mm or 1000mm as module , nonstandard
measurement can be JCPTzed separareky.  Internal pre-embedded cam-lock , scientific layout, compact set up,
robust sealing, straightforward development.

Cam-lock relationship cold area pu panel :

Condensing device

Compressor is the most crucial tools in refrigeration gear (It often referred to as the host refrigeration
equipment) . We primarily offer you original new Bitzer and copeland brand name compressor.

Compressor compresses the reduced stress steam into greater force steam, which decreases the quantity of steam
and raises the stress. The compressor sucks in the reduced-force working fluid vapor from the evaporator to boost
the strain and send it to the condenser. The condenser condenses into a liquid with higher strain. Right after the throttle
is throttled, it turns into a liquid with a reduce stress. Reduced liquid is sent to the evaporator, absorbs warmth in the evaporator
and evaporates into minimal-pressure steam, and is sent to the inlet of the compressor, thus completing the refrigeration cycle.

We give specifically temperature refrigeration equipment for industrial freezer rooms. Our engineer use expert software
to compute the layout proposal then decide on the most ideal condensing unit and evaporator in accordance to JCPTer’s
demands. So it can preserve JCPTers’ using charges although conference JCPTers’ refrigeration desire.


Manufacturing of Substantial Temperature Device Cooler
This system applies to production versions of high temperature device cooler, as defined beneath and meet the adhering to criteria:

Use refrigerant R-717 for DX and/or liquid overfeed coils

Aluminum fins

One vertical coil

Horizontal only air stream course (the air flows to or from the inlet experience of the coil from or to the fan inlet, with no alter in course)
and Axial enthusiasts only.

A factory created assembly like means for forced air circulation and elements by which heat is transferred from air to refrigerant
without any element exterior to the cooler imposing air resistance. These might also be referred to as Air Cooler, Cooling Models, Air
Models or Evaporators. Unit Coolers make use of a volatile refrigerant fed by possibly immediate expansion or liquid overfeed with rankings primarily based
on wet or dry problems.

Buyer scenario

OnlyKem Engineering had been specializing in providing flip important Frozen Chilly Area for Meat and Fish to throughout the world JCPTers.
In recent a long time, we have been keeping on investing in technological innovation, integrated cold room design and style and modular
JCPTization, distant monitor and management program. All the safe and successful operation of cold rooms in milk manufacturing facility, slaughter
factory, supermarkets, food outlets or dining establishments can be content with our JCPTized answers by our skilled staffs and solid systems.

We experienced presented numerous kinds of powerful and states of the art freezer rooms to above 45 international locations. Our JCPTers are from Swiss,
Sweden, Australia, United states, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, Pakistan, Spain, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines,
South Africa, Argentina, Indonesia, Kenya, Algeria, Ghana, Guyana, Mongolia, Chile, Peru, Dubai, Poland, Mexico, Brazil, Lebanon,
Thailand, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Bangladesh, Colombia, Bahrain, and so on.


OnlyKem achievement case

Our Workshop

Our workshop is the skilled workshop to manufacture device cooler, condensing unit, cold place doorway or PU panels.
As the major chilly place designer and maker, JCPT has its own 8,000 sq. meters state of artwork manufacturing
manufacturing facility. Based on the source chain and the producing aggressive rewards, some factories are wholly-owned
subsidiary and some are our joint ventures. They are situated in distinct metropolitan areas and integrated with every other to kind the
whole cold space solution with large top quality and aggressive value products. In current a long time, we experienced invested much more than
1,000,000 pounds into our present day production manufacturing facility to enhance the basic creation amenities , functioning problems,
staff income and welfare, technical and teamwork instruction, and many others.

Welcome to visit our workshop for JCPT Chilly Place Chilly Storage JCPT

Deep Freezer Room with Cam Lock PU Panel