High-Speed Welding Equipment Smart Lock Screw Machine for Home Appliances

High-Speed Welding Equipment Smart Lock Screw Machine for Home Appliances

Wise lock screw device

High-Pace Welding Equipment Smart Lock JCPT Machine for Property Appliances


The automatic locking screw machine is composed of 4-axis robot and controller, graphic method, merchandise transfer mechanism,smart electric powered batch lock mechanism, screw substance system, and many others., which are utilised to fulfill the needs of higher precision lock elements.


1:Handbook loading, the tools instantly completes the screw lock on the merchandise in turn.
2:Robust versatility, can be quickly altered by changing different fixtures and calling different programs.
3:Using CCD positioning, the alignment is exact.
4:With leak lock, floating lock, sliding tooth detection.
five:The procedure interface is helpful, simple to understand and use.
6:Prosperous interaction interface, help USB, RS232, Ethernet and other gadgets and server real-time interaction and knowledge exchange.


JCPT for hardware,electronics, electrical appliances, plastics, communications, house appliances, instrumentation, and so on.

Products parameters

Items Requirements
Dimensions 1500*1200*1900mm
Equipment failure fee DT ≤2.%
MTBF(imply time in between failure) ≥4h
Equipment one particular-time outstanding fee ≥99.9%
Working voltage 220V
Regular power 2kW
Working force .5MPa
Locking efficiency one.5-3S/PCS
JCPT feeding approach Drum sort
Electric powered batch Sensible electrical batch
Examination objects Leak lock, floating lock

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High-Speed Welding Equipment Smart Lock Screw Machine for Home Appliances