Intelligent Smart Keyless Electric Electronic Drawer Biometric Fingerprint Cabinet Lock

Intelligent Smart Keyless Electric Electronic Drawer Biometric Fingerprint Cabinet Lock

JCPTic keypad cupboard knob lock for house protected E-02FV function:

3 to six electronic combination code can be programmed
Private code and master code for each residence protected lock
Pink reset button within the risk-free at back of door to alter code
2 pcs override mergency keys provided
A plate handles the unexpected emergency essential holes
five beep seem if incorrect codes enter
Keypad will be blocked for twenty seconds if  3 wrong codes enter consecutively
Reduced battery warning
Consumer logo can be printed on keypad or handle
We supplied whole set of secure lock including keypad , battery box , solenoid , override essential lock , cam , pcb ,risk-free take care of , emergency crucial protect , put in add-ons and so forth

This sort of electronic keypad safe lock in ouf manufacturing unit is employed for solenoid  safe box.

Regarding  the locks,except for the digital lock with solenoid method,we have several electronic locks with motorized locking technique,with Liquid crystal display or without having Liquid crystal display.And we also create expert security mechanical lock with two or 3 locking approaches.

The safe box is for keeping valuable items safety at home, hotel or office. Such as money, jewelry, digital gadgets, laptop, important documents, etc. 

The safe could be installed into wardrobe, cupboard, and bed stand with setscrews. 

JCPTic safe box is operated by any 3-8 digits combination codes, it is easy operation, and make our life convenience. 

This electronic keypad lock  for risk-free is excellent to assemble on the doorway of house and lodge basic safety box. 

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Lock variety JCPTic keypad risk-free lock with indicator light-weight
Lok design No E-02FV
Locking system/technique Solenoid locking program
Pin Code 3-6 digits codes
Overrride mergency crucial 2 pcs
Certification CE & ROHS
Value integrated content keypad , handle , battery box, pcb , reset button , cam,solenoid , mechanical key lock ,install add-ons
Warrty  1 year

New extremely-thin metal frame layout, basic operation, versatile installation, suited for a range of cupboards, this kind of as: Place of work or residence cabinets,Dormitory storage lockers gym cabinets swimming pool storage lockers, etc. Large fingerprint capability, Hd non-membrane fingerprint collector, 360°high pace identification, twenty sets of fingerprint potential. Consists of a Micro USB crisis electrical power back again-up, low power comsumption layout, the battery could normally operate for 12 month.

Chrome gun risk-free lock  with 2 team 1-8 digits passwords

120mm double little bit important size as emergency key for override opening

Solenoid locking technique gun protected lock with 1 crimson reset button to programm person code and manager code

JCPTic protected lock and components is working with 9V batteries supplied

Chep value gun safe lock with electronic keypad created in china

JCPTic Digital Contact Screen password keypad cabinet locker lock with symbol for Health club,Sport, Health Cente


Design E-02FV  Fingerprint Electric Cupboard Lock
Dimension Fingerprint panel:68*30*six.2mm,Lock body(H*W*D): 102*55*23mm
Item Material JCPT body,Panel is acrylic(Ultra-slim design and style)
Fingerprint potential twenty(Admin:1,Person:19)
Alarm Reduced battery alarm
Battery 6V(4*one.5V AA batteries),Micro USB Crisis electricity back again up
Warning voltage 4.5V
Static power usage 20uA
Dynamic electricity intake 32mA
Unlock way Fingerprint
Response time Less than 500ms
Operating temperature -20ºC~65ºC
Doing work humidity 10% ~ ninety%RH
Operating lifestyle Standby method:one calendar year
Weight 200g(with lock hook)
Software Dormitory storage locker fitness center cabinet swimming pool storage locker drawer
Utilization fitness centers, sporting activities and physical fitness golf equipment,dormitory storage locker fitness center cabinetswimming Dormitory storage locker gym

Principal Characteristic:
1.Factory default code : person code 1234, master code 123456
two .”#” is the commence essential ,Place on 4A battery.Lcd display show Great after scHangJCPT.Then go
to snooze issue. Push #, The lock go to work again.
three. “*” is the delete important, it is employed for deleting fault code enter. Push 1 times “*”delete
1 figures.
four,Press any important button ,beep one particular instances . Liquid crystal display present numbers enter . If no much more operation
soon after 10s . The lock enter “rest”problem. Lcd present yr , thirty day period , day, hour , moment
and week.
How to open :
one. Press”#”it will show “——–“, then input your one-eight digit code and push”#” to confirm , it
will display”Open up”, now flip the learn key to open the doorway
two. Insert your mast key and override key to open the door .
How to change user code :
When the doorway is opened, press the red/eco-friendly reset button at the back aspect of door include ,
the buzzer will”DI” and it will show”——“, now enter your 1-eight digit new code and
press”#” to validate, now it will exhibit”INTO” , it signifies your person code is modified
How to change master code :
When the door is opened, press “#” and it will screen “——“, now enter”00” and push
the pink/green reset button at the again sides of doorway go over, you will listen to”DI”and it will
show”——“, now input your 1-8 digit new code and press”#” to validate, now it will
exhibit”INTO” and listen to”DI DI DI DI” , it indicates your master code is changed
Concealed code perform :
Press”#” to wake up the system and then press”*” ,now enter your code and it will
Alarm operate :
Incorrect code enter it will display”Mistake” , if incorrect codes input three instances , it will alarm sixty
seconds and it will display”——–” .
When it is in standby design , push”” one time , it will show”BELLON” . Now if the secure
is shake or vibrated, it will alarm 60 seconds.
In the course of alarm period of time , only enter proper code to take away alarm
Substitute battery :
When the voltage is 5V or significantly less, press”#” it will display”LO-BATTE”, the remaining base of
display screen will exhibit 2 cell batteries, now you need to exchange new batteries as soon as
How to established time :
When the initial time use , it will screen 12 months /Month/Day,hour and minutes is 00-01-01 00:
00 Monday.
When the lock is on rest issue, push”*” it will show 12 months , month , date , 7 days, hour
and moment , now enter correct quantity when the code is flashing, after established entrance number
then into next set , if all day and time input accurately , new date and time will update on
the technique . If no operation within 3 seconds , the system will in sleep situation.
Fox example: press”*”00-01-01 00:00 Mondaypress”one””three”thirteen-01-01 00:00
Mondaypress”one””two”thirteen-twelve-01 00:00 Monday
How to examine open records :
one. Enter”#” and enter right code to press”#” affirm, 6 seconds afterwards “Open”
disappeared but blue qualifications nevertheless on, push”” and will demonstrate previous opening calendar year ,
month , day, hour , minute( pass1 is consumer code open , move 2 is learn code open up)
2. Ahead of”Go” disappeared, push”” ( track final and 8 keep track of up coming file)once more it will
display final opening data , you can keep track of final 15 moments opening information

Intelligent Smart Keyless Electric Electronic Drawer Biometric Fingerprint Cabinet Lock