Joyod Automated Robot Arm Screw Locking Machine

Joyod Automated Robot Arm Screw Locking Machine

JCPT JCPTmated Robot Arm JCPT Fastening Device

Tools use:

The robot computerized screw locJCPT, equip with the PLC and touch screen control robot arm to total the merchandise screw locking procedure. It is suited for  various digital and electrical items, such as: home appliances, Liquid crystal display Tv set, pc, keyboard, mobile mobile phone, toys, and so forth.

Unit function:

one. The machine has automatic detection perform with alarm for lock leakage, floating teeth, and sliding tooth
two. This substantial performance, automatic loading robotic automatically locks the product in get, it also can immediately load and unload the item
three, With powerful stability and automatic alarm purpose, in creation line, this machine can lock much more than 1 screw at after, which equals the results of multiple labor
4, very good versatility, rapidly operating velocity, wide range of locking action, can be entirely automated production with the generation line. If necessary to modify product, just exchange the product via the corresponding program

Technique Parameters:

Model MST-RS60
Successful Range 310mm (a hundred and sixty+a hundred and fifty)
Rotation Range A axis ±110°
B axis ±128°
Z axis 80 mm
C axis ±160°
Maximum Pace A axis 240° /s(40rpm)
B axis 400° /s(66rpm)
Z axis 400 mm/s
C axis 900° /s (150rpm)
Motor Kind A axis AC Servo motor (30W)
B axis AC Servo motor (20W)
Z axis AC Servo motor (with brake) (20W)
C axis AC Servo motor (30W)
Decelerator A axis Harmonic reducer 1/100
B axis Harmonic reducer 1/fifty
Z axis Wire-rod Stroke 5. 538mm
C axis Belt 1/16
movable Bodyweight one.5 kg
C Axis Inertia 50 kgcm2ai
Re-Positioning Precision A axis ±0. 050 mm
B axis ±0. 050 irm
Z axis ±0. 050 nw
C axis ±0. 06°
Variety of Air Piple two PCS (0>4)
Bodyweight Approx seven. 4 kg


Joyod Automated Robot Arm Screw Locking Machine