Medium Duty Flexible PVC Layflat Hose Pipe for Agriculture Irrigation

Medium Duty Flexible PVC Layflat Hose Pipe for Agriculture Irrigation

Medium Obligation Adaptable Pvc Layflat Hose Pipe For Agriculture Irrigation


Medium Responsibility PVC layflat Hose
is also named water hose, drinking water discharge hose, drain hose, washing hose and many others. Which is an excellent hose designed for medium pressure liquid shipping. 

The Medium Duty PVC Layflat Hose is mostly utilized for multipurpose delivery, water and light-weight chemical discharge, medium pressure sprinkling, market waste h2o drain and drinking water washing in factories and design, submersible pumping, transportable hydrant fire fighting and so on.

Quality top quality, good flexibility without having kinking, clean tube with reduced friction decline, lay straight with minimum elongation below medium force, greater stress resistance, non-drinking water absorbing, abrasion resistant, aging resistant, lay flat for easy storage, effortlessly repair with couplings and clamps, assemblies or minimize size accessible.

Temperature Assortment:-5°C-65°C


Inner Diameter Wall Thickness Weight W.P.(at 23ºC) Std Length
inch mm inch mm kg/m bar psi m ft
1      twenty five .051 one.three .16 8 120 a hundred three hundred
1  1/four 32 .051 1.three .19 seven 100 100 300
1  one/two 38 .051 one.3 .21 7 a hundred 100 three hundred
2      51 .053 one.35 .3 6 ninety 100 three hundred
2  one/2 sixty four .057 one.forty five .4 six 90 one hundred three hundred
3      seventy six .057 1.45 .5 6 ninety one hundred three hundred
4      102 .071 1.eight .8 six 90 one hundred 300
5      127 .075 1.nine one.08 6 ninety 100 300
6      153 .094 2.4 1.6 6 90 a hundred 300
8      203 .103 2.six two.two 5 75 50 150

Product Details:


How to choose suitable for their own strain hose design?
The layflat hose stress product is determined according to the company's pipe network stress, equivalent to or higher than the pipe community running pressure can be.
As prolonged as the running force of the pipe community is not larger than the working pressure of the layflat hose, it can be employed typically otherwise, the strain will be too high, top to the rupture of the hose, which are not able to be employed usually.

What do the Figures eight-65-25 in the hearth hose model mean?
"8" named 1 the pressure .eight MРа.
"65" indicates hose caliber specification.
"25" means the length of the hose, "meter".


Medium Duty Flexible PVC Layflat Hose Pipe for Agriculture Irrigation