rotary cutter gearbox

Do not neglect to re-seal the gearbox with RTV following you have discovered the correct mixture. Even although they are known as "gaskets", they will not seal your gearbox on their very own.

If everything appears typical, attempt altering the gear-mesh. This is completed with the mylar "gaskets" that sit between the major gearbox scenario and the enter/output caps. Consider introducing or getting rid of some of these spacers right up until your gears have roughly 1/8"-one/four" of cost-free perform. Experts can purchase replacements ($one-two) in varying thicknesses, but we suggest the swift and dirty approach of reducing your own out of a sheet of mylar.

"Groaning", "creaking", or "popping" all sound type-of comparable over-the-cellphone. The ideal issue to do is to disassemble your gearbox and get a look at the gears and bearings. The issue will typically present itself in the way of damaged/missing gear tooth, toasted gears (like that image on our property web page), or blown bearings.

My Gearbox is Groaning/Creaking:

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