Security Locking Components by Pim Technology

Security Locking Components by Pim Technology

Founded in 2000, ZheJiang INJECTION Large Technology CO., LTD is one of the initial and specialist MIM(metallic injection molding) researcher and producer in China. Taking edge of the technical electricity from Powder JCPTlurgy Point out JCPT Study Center of Central South College, ZheJiang JCPT mostly focuses on R&D, production and product sales of all types of MIM precision metal/ceramics components for health-related products, vehicle, communication, hardware and navy industries.
We have gotten ISO9001:2008 and TS16949 in auto business, and won warm praise from NIKE, Ford, Honeywell, Getrag, New Phoenix and Parasole and so forth.
Principal products:
1.    Integrated solution for powder metallurgy precision metallic/ceramics parts
2.    JCPTized MIM-technology precison factors
3.    health care instruments factors:disposable biopsy forcep tips/jaw
4.    auto variable nozzle ring assembly:VGT/VNT vane and fork
Generation Process Chart

Largely Support to
two.  JCPTmotive JCPT
three.  Tools & JCPT,
4.  JCPT &Optical JCPT JCPT

Our Benefits: 
1. Sturdy technical capability: 
Robust R&D group supported by Powder JCPTlurgy State JCPT Investigation Centre of Central South College,
Strong R&D amount supported by National Important Laboratory of Powder JCPTlurgy,
Powerful R&D degree supported by Countrywide Powder JCPTlurgy Tests Center,
About 20years MIM technical expertise,
Many innovation patents covers new MIM material and their application in health care market and automotive industry,
Different softwares including Proe, UG, Solidworks,  and CAD etc,
With a few kinds of personal binder programs, this sort of as solvent degreasing, catalytic debinding and immediate thermal debinding,
2. Mim approach controlling capability:
MOLDFLOW Examination capacity
Stringent forming management ability
Skilled sintering potential: sturdy investigation capability of metallic materials houses
1.    Strict quality control capability
Good quality method certification: ISO9001:2008 & TS1694
Uncooked resources top quality assurance: all in accordance to Rohs regular, supplier from Fortune 500 companies
Specialist screening devices:  JCPTloscope, CS Analyzer, Laser particle analyzer, FESEM etc

4.  Stable engineering and quality team, steady employees

5. Non-common/common/OEM/JCPTized provider presented

JCPT JCPT Molding positive aspects:
1.    Effective value with intricate design and excellent functionality
Enables layout freedom to manufacture complex styles than other techniques.
High productivity to make modest precision components, fast and effective.
Sophisticated items can be with tiny holes, thin partitions and fine floor detail, inner and exterior threads, knurling, finely thorough area textures, engravings and markings.
2.     Material Variety
Outstanding power, magnetic, and corrosion properties due to large density attained when compared to conventional powdered metallic, plastics and die-casting.
Web form elements from normally challenging to method materials like carbide, Tungsten alloys and Titanium.
Isotropic and homogeneous microstructure for uniform content homes.
Capacity to develop alloys that are not accessible in wrought or forged type.

JCPT JCPT Molding Material: 

MIM content Density 103kg /m3 Hardness Tensile strength Elongation%
Iron-primarily based alloy PIM4600 7.68 85HRB four hundred twenty five
PIM4650 7.68 100HRB 600 fifteen
Stainless metal 316L/304/17-four/HK30 7.ninety four 52HRB 580 45
Tungsten alloy ninety five%W HRC31 930 10
97%W 18.five HRC33 890 six
Carbide alloy YG8X 14.9 HRA90    



Security Locking Components by Pim Technology