Well Logging Winch Equipment Borehole Geophysical Logging Cable Winch

Well Logging Winch Equipment Borehole Geophysical Logging Cable Winch

Well Logging Winch Products Borehole Geophysical Logging Cable Winch 

Description of well logging winch

DJ series winch is a unique gear for geophysical exploration and geological survey. It is largely utilised with JHQ-2D integrated electronic logging products and can also be used with other logging equipment. Most DJ collection winches are anti-magnetic design, stepless pace adjustment and automatic cable arrangement. The overall performance can be utilized to numerous geological prospecting areas. DJ sequence winch tools adopts frequency conversion motor, dc motor, ac asynchronous motor as power resource, and has a wide variety of velocity regulation, sleek variable pace, convenient operation, easy routine maintenance and so on. It can be used in geophysical prospecting and geological study perform on the land, sea, plateau (which is much less than 5,500 meters earlier mentioned sea level) and other environments on the earth.

Attributes & Positive aspects of nicely logging winch

one  Power
DJ sequence logging cable winch is driven by maritime frequency conversion motor, tombarthite everlasting magnet DC motor, industrial frequency conversion motor, dc motor, ac asynchronous motor as electrical power supply. The choice of energy source mainly considers the factors this kind of as high temperature and humidity environment, higher altitude environment, handy subject transportation, handy routine maintenance, long-phrase constant operation and so on, so as to make certain the trustworthiness of the entire established of equipment.

2 JCPTmatic cable arrangement purpose
Most DJ collection logging cable winch has automated cable arrangement perform, which assures that the cable can be precisely and neatly organized when dropping and lifting, and can significantly lengthen the provider daily life of the measuring cable. It is really crucial that the winch has computerized cable arrangement operate specially for steel wire armored cable.

3 JCPTmatic braking function
DJ collection logging cable winch has the automated braking function. The winch can immediately stop when encountered in the use method of emergencies, this kind of as power outages, winch controller failure and so on to preserve the tube secure, so the tube will not tumble.

four, Manual operate
The DJ sequence logging cable winch is outfitted with a deal with, which can fall or lift by hand with out electrical power in particular conditions.

5. Precise measurement of cable length
The DJ collection logging cable winch has precise cable metering device to make certain that the instrument has an correct depth in the method of lifting or dropping of cables.

6, Resistance to salt fog
  Main factors of DJ sequence cable winch for Marine geophysical study undertake large strength aluminum alloy as the substance. The floor is coated with electrostatic spraying, some fasteners are stainless steel. It will take Maritime ac motor as energy source, and the cable has kevlar wire and  wire twisted rope main and it is coated with polyurethane.

7, The magnetization
  For the objective of electric powered logging, magnetic logging and other assignments, the principal construction of the DJ sequence logging cable winch undertake high power aluminum alloy as material, which ensures that the logging cable can not be magnetized, and hold the minimum sum of self and mutual inductance.

Parameter of nicely logging winch

Logging cable duration measurement automatic measurement
Photoelectric pulse generato SG9208, 1800P/R for every single transfer pulse
Transmission device JLH571
Brake Self-locking brake and handbook brake
 Class of electrical motor insulation Grade F
Use of the setting  less than 5500 meters


Well Logging Winch Equipment Borehole Geophysical Logging Cable Winch