Screw Air Compressor For Laser Cutting

XT LASER generally suggest that customers purchase screw type oil-free air flow compressor, power is 7.5KW. The very best pressure up to 9 kg (but also to attain at the least 8 kg). The exhaust volume higher than 0.6 per minute. If the customer has bought the very best oil atmosphere compressor with two essential oil filter. So as to reduce some drinking water and dirty.

The fiber laser beam cutting machine must meet the cutting requirements of varied components and complex shapes. But it does not really operate without a clean, dry, stable compressed air flow. The compressed air flow partly made up of high pure oxygen and high purity nitrogen to provide cutting gas to the reducing head. A part supplied to the cylinder of the clamping table as a power source. And the last part is utilized to blow and dust the optical path program.

From the air discharged from the compressed air through the dryer into the vehicle's gas tank and gas control cabinet, through a advanced digesting system, a gas clean and dry, and finally in to the three Screw Air Compressor For Laser Cutting china street, were used as cutting gas cylinder, power source and light road dust gas pressure to keep up the normal procedure of laser cutting machine.